Food safety

We work constantly to quality-assure our products that are supplied to shops and to make sure that consumers can trace the seafood they eat.

Lerøy Seafood Group is actively involved in all parts of the value chain to ensure supply of safe products to the consumer. Based on experience gained over many years, we have developed a quality system comprising routines and procedures to ensure supply of safe products. As part of our quality assurance routines, we carry out control and monitoring of our manufacturers and partners. This involves specifying requirements for their quality systems and routines, carrying out analyses and monitoring operations. Our quality team carries out from 250 to 300 quality audits every year. Moreover, the products are controlled by Lerøy Seafood Group at different stages of the production process: from egg/boat/purchasing station to finished packaged product and, in certain cases, until delivery to the customer.

The target for Lerøy Seafood Group is to ensure, together with the Group’s feed suppliers, that the raw materials used in the Group’s feed are fished and harvested in an ethically sound manner and in compliance with legal frameworks, and based on sustainable harvest and fishing. In addition, the Group is actively involved in all parts of the value chain to ensure supply of safe products to the consumer.

The aquaculture industry is strictly regulated by the Norwegian authorities, which frequently visit our plants to ensure that they operate in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Lerøy Seafood Group works continuously to satisfy all the demands of our stakeholders.

Lerøy Seafood Group currently has a large number of producers of fish and shellfish. Our audit system includes a risk analysis of producers to determine how often the individual producer is to be audited. The analysis covers risk related to product, volume purchased, customer requirements, history of complaints and audit results.


Fish feed is the most important raw material for seafood production, and quality assurance is absolutely essential. In 2017, Lerøy Seafood Group purchased its fish feed from Biomar, EWOS and Skretting. Lerøy Seafood Group has a close gap sampling programme for re-examination of feed in terms of chemical content, dust, presence of foreign substances etc. The feed supplier carries out audits of its own suppliers, and Lerøy Seafood Group conducts annual audits of the feed companies. These measures, combined with internal control by feed suppliers and traceability, allow us to maintain control of feed content and quality.