The Products

Lerøy Seafood Group´s products are distributed on the Norwegian market and more than 70 other markets worldwide. In order to provide a good consumer experience and minimum waste we are constantly searching for sustainable solutions.

The Group divides its products into four main areas: salmon products, whitefish, pelagic fish and shellfish. The distinction between farmed species and wild fish is significant, requiring different logistics and working methods. These products are distributed on the Norwegian market and more than 70 other markets worldwide.

The Group’s strategy is to meet the market’s ever-increasing demands for food safety, quality, product range, cost efficiency and continuity of supply. This is achieved by coordinating the various elements in the value chain: the production units, the Group’s sales network, and established strategic alliances with sea farms, fishing vessels and fish-processing plants, primarily along the coast of Norway.

The Lerøy Seafood Group has a large proportion of fresh fish products in its product range – currently more than 80%. After Atlantic salmon and trout, the largest product area is whitefish, which in recent years has developed favourably through cooperation with a number of small and medium-sized companies. Lerøy Seafood Group is also a supplier of shellfish and fresh pelagic fish to the Norwegian and European markets. This represents a small but interesting niche product area.

The Group has sustained its positive trend within product development in 2017, with the launch of a number of innovative products and new product types, mainly within freshly packaged fish.

The Group also continues to develop its “fish-cut” concept in many parts of Europe. These processing units follow a target-driven and efficient strategy, focusing on freshness, a high level of service and proximity to end customer. 


Lerøy focuses on packaging and is constantly searching for good sustainable packaging solutions. We want to use packaging solutions that are optimal in terms of the customer, food safety and the environment. We seek solutions that provide a good consumer experience and minimum waste. Correct size in relation to content is also important. Together with one of our partners, we have developed the concept “Til låns”.