The Group conducts preparedness tests every year to make sure that the procedures works properly.


Lerøy Seafood Group has full traceability for all products from egg/boat/trawler/purchasing station to customer. Every year, recall tests are carried out in relation to our major manufacturers. In 2017, Lerøy Seafoods AS carried out seven recall tests. 

Preparedness group

The preparedness group is made up of:

  • CEO
  • Head of Quality & CSR
  • EVP Farming
  • Technical Director, Feed/R&D
  • Manger of Puplic Affairs
  • EVP Fisheries and Whitefish

The core of the preparedness group comprises the CEO and Head of Quality & CSR. The other members are invited to meetings depending on the items to be discussed – farming, fisheries or the whitefish industry. The preparedness group has primary responsibility, both internally and externally, for communications and handling of any relevant challenges/crises. Preparedness plans are also drawn up locally.

The typical procedure for product recall consists of the following phases:

1. Written explanation of nonconformity

2. Classification:

  • Class I: Need for information
  • Class II: Other faults/nonconformities in the product
  • Class III: Products representing a health risk

3. Notify manufacturer and management /preparedness team

4. Tracking product, verify nonconformity

5. Notify customers

6. Written explanation of what is to be withdrawn

7. Inventory/Destruction

8. Corrective action to prevent recurrence

Lerøy Seafood Group has compiled a directive for preparedness and product recall. The preparedness group comprises representatives from management, production, market, quality and environment.

The organisation conducts preparedness tests every year to make sure that the procedures works properly. In 2017 The Group made seven withdrawal tests. These tests involve contacting the producer about a fictional matter, tracing the products from production and identifying which customers have received the product. A risk assessment is always carried out to determine whether the product should be recalled, and which bodies are to be notified.

The Group did not have any product recalls in 2017.