Social Impact


The health, both of our employees and clients, is one of our most important focuses. We are actively engaged in providing our customers with the best possible quality, improving the work environment of our employees, sharing transparent information, and giving nutrition lectures in schools, among many other things.

Within the group, we focus a lot on health – the health of our employees and of both current and future consumers. The individual human being, the consumer, is important both for the community and for us in Lerøy, as these are the people who will buy our products and therefore secure our jobs.

Within the focus area of health, we work in a number of areas:


  • Training and information
  • Good ergonomics in the workplace
  • Rolling work operations
  • Occupational health
  • Good fitness facilities
  • Various forms of organised training
  • HSE work
  • Preventive work
  • Risk analysis


  • Competence-building work in relation to diet
  • Intensity agreements with the public, where we are committed to working with:
    - Reducing salt
    - Increased consumption of seafood
  • Product development
  • Work creation


  • Information work in schools
  • Nutrition lectures for children and adolescents
  • Close cooperation with sports teams and national federations
  • Lerøy kit