Lerøy Seafood Group's activity is based on sea life and products created in the sea.
70% of the Earth's surface is covered by sea and only 3-5% of the protein we eat currently comes from the ocean. We strongly believe that tomorrow's food will be increasingly sourced from the ocean, and we are therefore concerned with preserving the ocean as an important resource.

Ever-increasing amounts of plastics in the ocean are potentially one of the biggest challenges in the near future. Lerøy Seafood Group has been involved in the process of recovering plastic waste because we consider it to be a very important activity.

What do we do?

  • “Fishing for litter”
  • “The beach-cleaning day”, with prizes for 10 different organisations for collecting plastic from the shoreline
  • Free transport for children who want to take part in plastic collections
  • Retrieving plastic from operations in places that are hard to reach by car
  • Free seafood for many different organisations that participate in plastic collections