Empower our people

Attractive and meaningful jobs

We uphold internationally recognized labor rights and are committed to providing meaningful and attractive jobs with fair compensation.

The Group aims to be an enterprise with local roots in the areas where we operate, thereby contributing to all local communities.

Lerøy’s culture is based on our values: Honest, Open, Responsible and Creative. The Group strives to create an including and engaging work environment built on collaboration, learning and continuous development.

Our goal is to be a recognized and attractive employer in the seafood industry, recruiting people with the right competencies, skills and values.

Our employees

The Group’s goal is to be an attractive employer for both existing and potential employees.

Our values: Honest, Open, Responsible and Creative represent the foundations for all the work we do. Therefore, it is important that our employees live and identify with our values, and represent the Group as good ambassadors.

One of our main focus areas is to develop an inclusive and engaging work environment. Within the Group, we strive to build a culture of pride and openness through collaboration and learning across our fully integrated value chain. To measure this, we run an annual employee survey in collaboration with Great Place to Work.

In the future, we will continue to build our One Lerøy culture focusing on continuous development and improvement.


The Group’s commitment to promote fair working conditions, prohibit child labor and all forms of forced and compulsory labor, any kind of discrimination, promoting fair wages as well as prohibiting abuse and inhumane treatment both internally and with our supplier’s is communicated in our Human rights policy and Business Code of Conduct. The Group supports and promotes freedom of association and recognizes the right to collective bargaining

The  Group screens all new suppliers using social criteria listed above  in order to verify if the Group’s suppliers adhere to Lerøy’s Business Code of Conduct and establish whether they have implemented necessary measures and practices to support and maintain fair working conditions.

The Group complies with the laws applicable in the different countries in which we operate. Our compensation policy states that no employee is paid less than the official national minimum wage.

All our employees have written employment contracts in which compensation is specified. Our personnel system and the presence of labor unions ensure that all employees are compensated fairly.

All our employees are free to organize themselves in unions of their choice, including the right to engage in collective bargaining. The Group keeps a close dialogue with employee representatives, as well as maintains an active cooperation between the company and employees/trade unions.


  2021 2020 2019
Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements in Norway % 71 73 77
Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements abroad % 48 61 54,3


    2021 2020 2019 2018
Percentage of employees with occupational injury insurance (%)   100 100 100 100
Members of trade unions* (number)   1587 1,635 - -
Percentage of employees covered by collective wage agreement (%)          
  Norway 71 73,00 77,00 -
  Int. 48 61,00 54,3 -
Response rate to employee survey from GPTW, Great Place To Work (%)   83 86 82 -

*Please note that this number provides an overview of those employees who have actively chosen to share information on whether they are a member of a trade union. Please note that in some countries the employer is prohibited to ask if the employee is a member of a trade union. This number is based on the information provided voluntarily by the employees.

Employees at aquaculture facility