The Group works continuously to ensure a discrimination-free environment, where every  employee is treated equally, independently of their gender, origin, ethnicity, skin color, language, religion or personal philosophy.

One of the Group’s goals is to provide a workplace without discrimination because of disabilities. The company will arrange for individually adapted workplaces and work tasks (where possible) for employees or work applicants with disabilities.

The Group has always emphasized individual skills, performance and responsibility in its recruitment policy and salary system. Furthermore, the Group at all times ensures equal employment opportunities and rights for all employees, both men and women. The Group has an international working environment and a number of our employees have cross-cultural backgrounds.

In recent years, the Group has seen an increase in the proportion of women in previously traditional "male-dominated" occupations, such as aquaculture and wild fishery. We see the same trend in different study directions for the seafood industry. This will lead the way for a better gender balance in the future.

Lerøy finds that the gender balance is positive for the working environment. In recent years, the Group has seen an increase in the proportion of female employees in the companies, and aims to increase the proportion of women further in the coming years.

  2021 2021 2020 2020 2019 2019
  % Male % Female % Male % Female % Male % Female
Board of Directors 57 43 57 43 57 43
Audit Committee 50 50 50 50 50 50
Managers with personnel responsibilities 77 23 80 20 - -
Total number of male/female employees 63 37 63.5 36.5 65 35
Managers (on the Group level) with responsibility for personel 76.55 23.44 82.93 17.07 70.63 24.38

The Group is focusing on attracting female employees to increase the proportion of women in the company.

Number of women and men in different countries

  Norway France Sweden Finland Portugal Spain Italy USA Turkey The Netherlands Denmark TOTAL
Male 2475 89 168 16 41 209 10 4 33 204 203 3452
Female 924 83 85 20 14 332 8 2 37 268 250 2023


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