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Internal audits and certifications

The Group has worked for many years to ensure high quality and has developed control systems based on different standards. Of Lerøy facilities supplying processed product; 81% have an GFSI certification (BRC, IFS,FSSC22000), with goal to reach 100% within 2023.

Lerøy Seafood Group is continuously seeking to identify improvements which may reduce our environmental impact and sustain our food safety culture. As a part of the effort to verify the hard work to improve the environmental and social impact of seafood production, Lerøy has gained certification according to international environmental and social standards.

Lerøy operates several production sites/ licences to assure innovation regarding sustainability and food safety.

As a part of the Group’s programme for continuous improvement and preventive action, the Group conducted in total 593 documented audits and inspection events in 2020. These includes 222 internal food safety audits and 371 audits and inspections performed by a third party (certification bodies, authorities) and internal audits (safety inspection, internal audits, supplier audits).

These audits resulted in 2640 related incidents (non-conformities, observations and improvements suggestions) leading to corrective actions. All related incidents were closed within time limit. All processing facilities follows a food safety audit rotation plan covering all important aspects of the production, minimum quarterly. In addition food safety quality controls are performed daily on each batch.

Corrective action rate is the number of corrective action plans completed in accordance with the relevant GFSI scheme, no later than 30 days from the audit date, to address major non-conformances, divided by the total number of major non-conformances that have been identified. In 2020 no Lerøy facilities received GFSI fundamental, critical or major nonconformities, so the correction action rate i 0. All minor non conformities where rectified and closed within time limit. BRC certification  grade for the processing facilities ranges from AA to B.

Internal audits, supplier audits and certification, audits are an important area for continuous improvement and training. The Group’s strategy is to increase the levels of internal audits in the years to come, and also to make use of new technology to do so. 

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Percentage of factories GFSI certified

2020: 59%

2019: 54%

2018: 46%


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