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Ensure food safety

Food safety, product quality and product development are always a high priority.

The Group’s strategy is to meet the market’s ever increasing demands for food safety, quality, product range, cost efficiency and continuity of supply. This is achieved by coordinating the various elements in the value chain: the production units, the Group’s sales network, and established strategic alliances with sea farms, fishing vessels and fish-processing plants, primarily along the coast of Norway.  

The Group is actively involved in all parts of the value chain in order to ensure supply of safe products to the consumer. Based on experience gained over many years, we have developed a quality system comprising routines and procedures to ensure supply of safe products.  

As a part of the Group`s quality assurance routines, we carry out control and monitoring of our manufacturers and partners. This involves specifying requirements for their quality systems and routines, and carrying out analyses and monitoring operations.

Our quality team carries out from 250 to 300 quality audits every year.

Moreover, the products are controlled by Lerøy Seafood Group at different stages throughout the entire production process; from roe, boat and purchasing station to the finished and boxed product and, in certain cases, up to delivery to the customer.

For many years, the Group has followed a definitive strategy for quality assurance. Our strategy is that larger facilities and all facilities producing RTE, Ready to eat, products must obtain a GFSI food safety standard.  

In the last year the Group has invested in a live microbiological reporting system. The system receives microbiological result directly form the laboratory. This system is beneficial in that we receive the results of microbiological test more quickly, and can implement more efficient actions if nonconformances should occur. 


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