Social Impact

“Bare til låns”

Lerøy Seafood Group, in collaboration with waste and recycling company Norsk Gjenvinning, is carrying out a special program dedicated to reusing the aluminum used in the packaging of the products.

“Til Låns” is a project in which Lerøy Seafood Group works together with waste and recycling company Norsk Gjenvinning to ensure that the packaging for products packed in aluminium trays is returned for recycling after use. Such packaging is therefore only “on loan”. Waste is a resource that is not properly utilised, and we aim to do something about this. An extra label will be attached to these products telling the user what to do with the packaging after use. This informative label is meant as a careful nudge in the right direction and is therefore only the first step on the road to ensuring correct processing of packaging. This is an exciting project that is heading in the right direction. We also focus on using the correct packaging and the correct size of products in order to avoid waste.