Social Impact

Employment and fair compensation

Lerøy Seafood Group works hard to ensure that all the rights of the employees are protected and respected, emphasizing equality and equal employment opportunities, as well as a discrimination-free environment.

Independently of the demand for equal opportunities for men and women, the Group has always emphasised individual skills, performance and responsibility in its recruitment policy and salary system. 

Furthermore, the Group at all times ensures equal employment opportunities and rights for all employees. The Group works hard to prevent discrimination based on national origin, ethnicity, colour, language, religion or personal philosophy. 

One of the company’s goals is to provide a workplace that is free from discrimination based on disability. Wherever possible, the company will arrange for individually-adapted workplaces and work tasks for employees or work applicants with disabilities.  

Our Code of Conduct sets out good practices defining how management and employees should handle various situations arising within working conditions.