Social Impact

Employee welfare

The Group works actively to keep sick leave rates as low as possible. In order to make this happen, Lerøy Seafood Group offers complete health and safety training to every single employee.

On 27 January 2019, a fire started in the smolt facility in Laksefjord, Finnmark, resulting in a fatality. An employee of a company carrying out maintenance work died in the fire. Our thoughts are with his close family and colleagues. After the incident, Lerøy Seafood Group has assisted and will continue to assist the police and other public agencies in identifying how this tragic accident occurred.

The Group maintains a strong focus on procedures and compliance with these, and on measures to protect all employees. This is a perpetual process moving us forwards to our vision of zero injuries.

Total sick leave registered in the Group in 2018 was 4.96%. This is down from 5.97% in 2017. Sick leave comprises 3.03% long-term sick leave and 1.93% short-term sick leave. The Board is pleased to observe that sick leave is on the decline, and that the Group works actively to keep sick leave low. The organisations in the individual subsidiaries are continuously being developed to ensure that they can deal with new challenges and changes in framework conditions. The working environment and cooperative atmosphere are good.

Numbers of accidents, near-accidents and safety issues are recorded monthly.