Social Impact

Social work environment

Lerøy Seafood Group maintains a constant focus on the working environment, promoting good health and a healthy diet, as well as all kind of social events, where the Group´s employees are encouraged to interact with each other.

Each company organises different types of events. These might be family days, social gatherings, motivation meetings or events involving sports. The majority of our subsidiaries offer various types of sporting activities for their employees.

The Group has a strategy of promoting good health and a healthy diet, with a focus on children and young people, whom the Group targets via a number of channels. The Group, via its subsidiaries, has also provided plenty of opportunities for Group employees to keep fit and improve their health, with a number of measures including weekly fitness sessions, participation in company sports teams, mountain hikes, cycling, skiing etc.

The Group companies maintain a constant focus on the working environment and carry out regular evaluations in this area. Measures are implemented to ensure that the working environment is optimal for all parties involved.