Social Impact


Lerøy´s number of employees keeps growing. New jobs are being created not only in the fisheries and fish farming industry but also in local and national businesses that supply products to our industry.

The parent company Lerøy Seafood Group ASA has its head office in Bergen, Norway. In addition to the Group’s CEO, the parent company has 15 employees. Administratively, personnel functions for the parent company are conducted by the wholly-owned subsidiary, Lerøy Seafood AS. In 2018, the Group had 4,589 full-time equivalents, of which 2,964 men and 1,625 women. Of this figure, 1,336 full-time equivalents work outside Norway. The ratio of female employees is 35%, slightly up from 2017.

Independently of the demand for equal opportunities for men and women, the Group has always emphasised individual skills, performance and responsibility in its recruitment policy and salary systems.

The Group seeks at all times to ensures equal employment opportunities and rights for all employees, and works hard to prevent discrimination based on national origin, ethnicity, colour, language, religion or personal philosophy.

One of the company’s goals is to provide a workplace without discrimination because of disabilities. The company will arrange for individually adapted workplaces and work tasks where possible for employees or work applicants with disabilities.

The company is a player in a global industry and the company’s working environment changes continuously. This requires flexible employees who are dynamic and willing to adapt and learn.


As in previous years, the Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to praise the employees' efforts, their understanding of the need for a results-oriented operational focus and for their willingness to adapt to change throughout the organisation.