Empower our people

Learning and development

Our employees are essential to our vision, and we are committed to developing the skills and knowledge of our employees.

As an employer, the Group has a responsibility to develop and maintain our human resources, as well as attract and hire employees with the right competence to solve future challenges.

We are committed to ensure training and development at all levels and offer unique and interesting career opportunities for our employees. We will advertise internal career opportunities and encourage increased internal mobility.

Number of employees who participated in training activities and courses in 2020: 4 485


Management development

The Group focuses on forward-looking and clear management based on the Group’s values and business strategy. Our managers shall lead by example, create direction and focus on achieving results jointly. In 2020, the Group implemented tools and development programs to ensure that our managers is accountable and skilled in  their role.

Being a manager in Lerøy is a vote of confidence that carries significant responsibility.

Employee development

The Group operates in a global industry that requires employees who are dyna mic and willing to adapt and learn. By facilitating formal and informal learning areas, our employees will have the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning and development, and are encouraged to work in various areas and positions in the Group.

We have a close cooperation and knowledge sharing with various educational institutions, such as universities and colleges. In addition, we cooperate with students at Bachelor, Masters and PhD level.

The Group finds great value in recruiting young people and graduates into the industry for the future. We offer apprenticeships, summer vacancies, internships  and trainee positions. It is important for the Group to have people from different backgrounds and with different types of education.


Training and further education


  2020 2019 2018
Employees who took part in training initiatives (number) 4,485 3,489 -
Percentage of training focusing on HSE (%) 12 - -
Percentage of training as external courses (%) 62 - -
Percentage of training as in-house mandatory courses (%) 5 - -
Percentage of training in local language (%) 1 - -
Percentage of other training (%) 21 - -
Employees who have received language lessons (number) 100 35 -
Percentage of employees who have received training in business ethics (%) 100 100 100
Apprentices (number) 125 97 -
Trainees (number) 33 30 -
Internships (number) 27 18 -
Certificate of apprenticeship achieved with employer (number) 49 105 -