Empower our people

Occupational health and safety

The Group maintains a strong focus on procedures and compliance with these. Measures to protect all employees are vital. This is a perpetual process moving us forward to our vision of zero injuries.

The Group has developed its own nonconformance system where all injuries and accidents are recorded and followed up with a root cause analysis. The Group uses these results to improve and to prevent new injuries. One of the most important things for us is to record near accidents so we can prevent injuries from occurring.

We aim to have zero workplace injuries and will never compromise on our employees’ safety.

No one wants anyone to get hurt or get sick in the workplace. It is necessary to have an overview of the risks that the business activities entail, and to do  something active to prevent someone from getting hurt or getting sick.

HSE procedures and risk analyses are extremely important and allow us to organise our work so we can prevent as many work-related injuries as possible. HSE reports show our employees and their relatives that we take safety seriously.

We work within a number of HSE-related areas:

  • Training and information
  • Good ergonomics in the workplace
  • Rolling work operations
  • Occupational health
  • Various forms of organized training
  • Preventive work
  • Risk analysis

Lerøy has a high focus on reducing sick leave and  works actively to prevent and follow up sick leave in  the workplace.