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Motimate info

Motimate is Lerøy's e-learning portal, available to all companies in Norway.

For information in Norwegian:

In Motimate you will find mandatory training that have been assigned to you, in addition to voluntary training that can be taken on your own initiative. Motimate can be used by our employees to increase their competence and develop their skills.

All permanent employees in Norway will receive access to Motimate. Hired employees, temporary employees and short-term employees will receive access during 2022.

Get Motimate on PC

1. Open the page in your browser. 

2. Enter Leroy as the company name. 

3. Your username and password are the same as your login address in Office365 (Teams, PowerBI or Outlook). 

Get Motimate on mobile

Open url to choose if you would like to use the Motimate app or browser 

1. Open the App Store (IPhone), search for Motimate and press download / Open the Play Store (android), search for Motimate and press install. Open Motimate when the download is complete. 

2. Enter Leroy in the company name field. 

3. Your username and password are the same as your login address in Office365 (Teams, PowerBI or Outlook). 

When do I get access to Motimate?

All permanent, full-time employees have access to Motimate, and new employees will automatically gain access when they are registered.

Temporary and short-term employees will have access to Motimate in phase 2.

What is my username / password in Motimate?

Your username and password are the same as your login address in Office365 (Teams, PowerBI or Outlook).

How to log on to Motimate?

To log on to Motimate, see more info at

How to reset the password?

To reset your password, see more info at

I get questions about multi-factor authentication when I log in

Multi-factor authentication means that you have to log in with an extra step in addition to your regular username and password. This can be a code via SMS or approval via an app.

I'm having trouble logging in

If you have problems logging in, you can contact IT support at, or telephone 99201010. The telephone number should primarily be used for urgent enquiries.

I can’t open Motimate in browser

Motimate does not work in internet explorer browser. Switch to another browser, e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc, and try again. We recommend using the Motimate app on mobile.

My user account does not exist in Motimate

All permanent employees in Lerøy shall have access to Motimate. Hired employees, short-term employees and temporary employees will unfortunately not receive access until 2022.

If you are a permanent employee and have problems logging in, please contact IT support at or telephone 99201010 which is serviced between 07:00 and 5pm Monday through Friday.