Improve our climate

Project 50/50-5 Plastic

About 5 kg of CO2e are emitted for 1 kilogram of plastic – 2 kg resulting from the production of the plastic and 3 kg of CO2 are emitted when the plastic is burned after use. For some types of plastic, the number may be 4.5 – and for others 5.5. Source: Norwegian Climate Foundation 

Lerøy’s programme, as a Group, is reduce non-recyclable plastic consumption by 50%, including reduction in total plastic consumption. All 60 companies in the Group will contribute to achieving the goal and have established sub-projects with goals for each company.

Each company has established a detailed action plan so that the Group can achieve the target in total by 2024. Cooperation, reporting and following up takes place at three segment levels: Farming, Wild catch and VAP, Sales & Distribution. Cooperation at segment level allows us to utilise ideas and actions across similar operations within the Group, improving our contribution towards achieving the main goals. 

Over the past year, the Group has carried out a thorough evaluation of the sub-projects to assess the actual effect and impact of the measures taken – and to ensure that they are making a difference!

Our understanding is that all plastic is recyclable as long as it is possible to collect and sort in the right fractions. Therefore, "non" recyclable plastic is interpreted as plastic in wrong place. 

We aim to reduce non-recyclable plastic consumption by 50%, including reduction in total plastic consumption. For Farming we measure amount of feed tubes and ropes purchased, for wild catch, Industry and VAP we measure amount of vacuum film, plastic bag sheet and single use hygienic equipment purchased. 

Summarized;  to  reduce plastic purchased as a result of the different sub projects. Less plastic used equals less plastic in wrong place or less kg of plastic per kg products produced. 


For 2020 the group used 1 931 731 kg of plastic within the identified areas. No sufficient data from 2019. 

Some sub projects plastic 

  • On four-pack frozen salmon and frozen whitefish products, we use one plastic chamber for the label. By removing the last chamber with label, we are able toreduce plastic consumption by 10.000 kg.
  • Reduce disposable / hygiene items at each site and replace with multi-use articles.
  • Reduce the use of disposable cleaning agent containers and replace them with multi-use containers.
  • By making changes to just one product, we can reduce plastic waste by 2.5 tonnes by changing the use of vacuum film. This change will also reduce costs. 
  • By working together with our customerwe can increase the “degree of filling” in each packaging, reducing the use of plastic per kg o product.