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Employee survey 11-25 January 2024

For Norwegian click here.

Thank you for this year's effort!

On 11 January, Lerøy employees will receive an invitation to respond to the Group's employee survey in collaboration with Great Place to Work.

This year you will receive link to answer the survey by Lerøy e-mail. Download the Outlook app on your mobile or PC, or sign in using your web browser.

I have not received an invitation to the survey – what should I do?
  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Lerøy e-mail – this is where you will receive a link to the survey. Do you lack access to your Lerøy e-mail? Click HERE and follow the instructions under "Getting started with your Lerøy account". If you experience problems logging in to your Lerøy email, contact IT support via portal or by email to

  2. If you are logged in to your Lerøy email, but cannot find an invitation to the survey – check your spam folder! The sender of the survey is Great Place to Work.

  3. If you are still experiencing problems accessing the survey, please send a request to Shared Services via portal or send an email to
How does Great Place To Work define "leadership" in the employee survey?

In the employee survey, there are several questions that mention "management". The reason why management is formulated so generally is because one wants to emphasize the overall experience of management and not focus on the individual manager/management level in itself.

  • The survey measures the experience one has, and not precisely who creates these experiences.
  • In several of the statements, you can think of different types of leaders when answering. Many employees collaborate across teams and interact with many different managers. The managers may, for example, be your immediate superior, subject manager, department manager or project manager. It is very difficult to differentiate this, nor desirable; hence the general term Management.
  • If you are going to think about a particular level of management (e.g. Top Management) this will be clearly stated in the statement.
Is the survey anonymous?

Yes, the survey is anonymous. The employee survey is carried out in cooperation with a third party, and it is not possible to identify individuals.

Who is the sender of the survey?

Great Place to Work is the sender of this year's employee survey.

How do I choose a language on the survey?

When you click on the link to answer the survey, you will choose your desired language to answer the survey. You can change your language settings at any time during the survey by clicking on the globe in the upper right corner.
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I pressed "send" before I was done. Can I answer the survey again?

No. Once you have pressed "send", it is not possible to reopen your answer or reply again.