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New systems

Congratulations with access to new systems.


Below you’ll find information on how to access your account and get started with core systems.

Your username and email address are the same, and is used to sign in to all Lerøy services. For most employees, your email address is

Getting started with your Lerøy account

How to reset your password

If you’re signing into your account for the first time, or have forgotten your password, you have to reset your password to access your account.

Step 1
Go to the web page: 

Step 2
Enter your email address and the characters displayed on the picture



Step 3
Enter your mobile phone number



Step 4
Enter 6 digit code from received SMS



Step 5
Enter your new password.
Password requirements are listed on the site.


Step 6
Your password has been reset!


Microsoft Authenticator

To reach Lerøy’s services (Email, Teams, Office etc.) multi-factor authentication has to be enabled on your account.

Multi-factor authentication means that you have to verify your sign-in with an additional app when you are trying to reach Lerøy services from outside the corporate network. This way, we make sure that your account stays protected even if your password is compromised.


Set up Microsoft Authenticator

We recommend to set up Microsoft Authenticator using a PC.

Step 1
When trying to log in to your account for the first time, you will get a prompt that says “More information required”. Press “Next” to start setting up multi-factor authentication.



Step 2
Press “Next”



Step 3
Press “Next”



Step 4
You will get a generated QR code. For now, stay on this web page, and proceed through steps 5-6 on your phone.



Step 5
Download Microsoft Authenticator from the App Store or Google Play.
Select + in the top right corner to start setting up your account.



Step 6
Select “Work or school account”, and then “Scan QR code”. Scan the QR code generated on Step 4



Step 7
Type the number shown on the screen using your phone.




Set up phone authentication

Once Authenticator is set up, you have to set up SMS authentication, in case you get a new phone and the Authenticator app is unavailable.


Step 1
Go to the web page:

If you just set up Microsoft Authenticator, you should already be on this web page


Step 2
Select “Add sign-in method”


Step 3
Select “Phone” from the drop-down menu


Step 4
Enter your phone number




Step 5
Enter code from received SMS



When will I receive prompts to use multi-factor authentication?

You will receive prompts for multi-factor authentication every 14 days if you sign in to your account outside of the Lerøy corporate network. If your account is signed in whilst on the corporate network, you will not get a prompt for multi-factor authentication.

To access Office applications like Teams, Word, Excel etc., you can download them from the App Store, Google Play Store or use the web versions by signing in to with your account.

Teams: Used for chatting, video meetings and collaboration projects.

Outlook: Used to send and receive email from your account.

Word, Excel og PowerPoint: Used to create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

OneDrive: Your personal file storage to save files only you have access to.

Email on your phone


To access your email account on your phone, Microsoft Authenticator and Outlook have to be installed from the App Store or Google Play Store.



Step 1

Download the Outlook app from the Google Play Store (for Android), or the Apple Store (for iPhone).

Step 2

Enter your email address to add it to Outlook.

If you already are using Outlook for other email addresses, you can add your Lerøy email by going to Settings > Add email account.


Motimate is Lerøy’s eLearning portal, available for all Lerøy companies based in Norway. In Motimate, you’ll find mandatory training courses assigned to your department, as well as many useful courses about the Lerøy corporation. Motimate is a tool that can help our employees learn new things and increase their skillset.


Get Motimate on mobile

Step 1
Download the Motimate app from Google Play Store (for Android), or the Apple Store (for iPhone).

Step 2
Enter “Leroy” as your organization name

Step 3
Log in to Motimate with your account


Use Motimate on the web

Motimate is also available in your web browser, by going to and signing in with your account.


Getting started with Expense

Expense is Lerøy's automated Travel and Expense Management accounting system.

To log in:

  1. Press the link or copy into your browser
  2. Select log in with your work account Office 365


Login via Single Sign on (SSO) as when logging in to Microsoft Office 365.

User is the email address you use to log in to Office 365. If you are unsure which address this is - contact IT Support.

Getting started with Lerøy People

Lerøy People is Lerøy's HR system. The system is a master data system for HR processes, salaries and travel bills.

You can log in to the system when you are assigned a user.

For managers with personnel responsibility: 16 October 2023

For employees: 1 November 2023


To log in:

Press the link or copy into your browser

Login via Single Sign on (SSO) as when logging in to Microsoft Office 365.

User is the email address you use to log in to Office 365. If you are unsure which address this is - contact IT Support.

If you need Company ID it is leryseafoo 

You can find information about access to Mobile App in the system under Settings/Settings for – Mobile


User guides can be found in the knowledge base for HR- and payroll processes under Lerøy People/HR system here: