Aurora Salmon ®

Aurora Salmon® grows slowly in the arctic environment under the Aurora lights. In this special part of Northern Norway the cold, clear sea water ensures unique conditions. Great texture, beautiful color and the best sweet taste for sushi – just the way Japanese like it!

  • Unique origin

  • Sweet taste

  • Beautiful color

  • Great texture

  • Premium sushi and sashimi salmon 

Salmon at its best 
Aurora Salmon® is developed according to Japanese preference for premium sushi and sashimi salmon. The taste is sweeter than other salmon giving a unique tasting experience. Since Aurora Salmon® was launched in Japan in 2007 it has become known as a premium brand for salmon.

Aurora Salmon® has an appealing deep orange color with clear rainbow stripes. The fat content is high and the texture of the meat is firm, yet tender and melting in the mouth. The high contents of Omega 3, antioxidants, vitamins and high quality protein are beneficial for health and beauty.

Lerøy Aurora Salmon Sushi Sashimi

Aurora Salmon® land
Cold arctic seawater ensures that Aurora Salmon® grows 2-3 months slower than other salmon. The long, cold winters under the Aurora lights and long mild summer nights result in a unique sushi quality salmon.

Aurora Salmon® care
Only the best locations are chosen to ensure optimal environment, oxygen levels, water conditions, currents and sea water temperature. All Aurora Salmon® locations has the best MOM score (1) on all sites (Modelling, Ongrowing fish farms/Production facility, Monitoring). Aurora Salmon® has a lower density for optimal welfare; average of 9kg/m3 (standard: 25kg/m3).

Lerøy Aurora Salmon Northern Ligths Logo

Superior artic safood production
Aurora Salmon® is approximately 3 - 3,8 years at harvest (average 4-7kg). Lerøy Aurora processing plant is located at Skjervøy Island (about 3000 inhabitants) in northern Norway. This is the newest factory in northern Norway, constructed and designed to produce the best salmon for raw consumption.

Aurora Salmon® express
Aurora Salmon® is the fastest airborne salmon to Japan. It only takes 36 hours from the packing station in Northern Norway to Japan, ensuring a unique freshness of the salmon. Regular salmon flights normally take 62 hours.

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