Where do I find vacant positions?

Jobs that are vacant at Lerøy Seafood Group ASA are advertised on our websites, under "vacant positions". We also publish positions in other media such as LinkedIn, local newspapers, and various Career Portals. If there is no jobs listed in your area of expertise, we would recommend you register in our Job Agent, so that you are notified when vacant situations are published. It is also possible to send us an Open application, by filling out an application form here.

How can I apply?

All applications are registered via the application form on Lerøy’s Career Portal. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to consider applications that are sent via standard mail or e-mail.

Can I register an open application?

Yes, if there is no suitable position within your area of expertise, please send us an open application. We only have the capacity to process open applications that are registered via the application form on our Career Portal. Click here to register an open application.

When will I receive a reply to my application?

You will receive a confirmation per email that your application has been received no later than the day after you have registered this via the application form on our Career Portal. 

Can I be notified of vacancies in Lerøy?

Yes. You can subscribe to our Job Agent to receive notification when vacancies are published in our Career Portal. Here you will also have the opportunity to choose the desired work area. You can register in our JobAgent here.

Can I update my CV after I have registered this in the Career Portal?

Yes. If you have registered your CV in our Career Portal, you can update this by logging in here. We would recommend you update this regularly so that we can easily retrieve your current CV.


When the application deadline has expired, we consider all the applications and invite potential candidates to attend an interview. We recommend that you are well prepared prior to the interview by obtaining information about the company and the department you have applied for. The job interview is usually split into three segments: presentation of the company, presentation of the position and key tasks, and presentation of yourself. We recommend also that you take any references with you to the interview, and bring copies of diplomas and certificates.

Selecting a candidate

Once the interviews are over, the candidates are considered and the candidate who is most suitable for the position will receive a job offer.

How can I apply to write a master’s thesis on Lerøy?

Students who wish to write a master thesis related to the seafood industry can contact us by registering an application. For more information on how to apply, see our Career Portal under the Student and recent graduates tab.