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Keeping seafood on the shelves – even in tough times

The emergency measures introduced as a result of COVID-19 are having an impact across Norwegian society. As seafood producers, we at Lerøy are doing our utmost to ensure that our products remain widely available.

Many people are asking questions about food production at this time. Will production carry on as usual? Is there a risk of shops running out of certain food items? Should we be stockpiling? We know uncertainty can be unsettling, so we want to reassure you that, as a consumer, you can be confident there is enough food for everyone so long as we continue operating as normal.

What Lerøy is doing to ensure business as usual:

  • We have maintained our normal deliveries to Norwegian retailers and aim to continue doing so. The time between the fish being landed and appearing on your dinner table is exactly the same as before.
  • Lerøy is a business with an essential role in society. Our entire supply chain is working round the clock to ensure that our salmon and cod products reach the shops, and we can see no reason for people to stockpile our products.
  • We have put infection control measures in place to keep our products and our staff safe.
  • Meanwhile, we continue to comply fully with the strict rules that normally govern food production.
  • We have also introduced some new precautions for employees, to reduce the infection risk for those who have to keep working. This will allow us to maintain a stable business, ensure there is enough food for everyone, and keep as many people as possible in employment.
  • Good working relationships between colleagues at all levels of the organisation are essential to achieving this, and we applaud all our staff for their efforts at this difficult time.


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In short, you can continue to eat and shop as usual. We’ll make sure there are enough Lerøy products available for you and your neighbours in the weeks ahead.

This applies to fresh and frozen products alike. If you’ve bought enough fish for more than one meal, remember you can always put fresh fish in the freezer to use another day.

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