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The Nomination Committee

Article 5, second paragraph, of the company’s Articles of Association stipulates that the company’s Nomination Committee shall  consists of three members elected by the general meeting for a period of two years. The company’s nomination committee is charged with preparing proposals for the composition of a shareholder-elected board of directors and to submit recommendations to the shareholders’ meeting for appointments to the board.

The company has not established specific guidelines for the Nomination Committee. However, the composition of the Nomination Committee is such that the interests of the shareholders in general are taken into account in that the majority within the committee is independent of the Board and other executive personnel, and that the company’s Articles of Association also specify the framework for the work of the Committee.

The Nomination Committee makes a recommendation regarding remuneration to the members of the board. The general meeting makes the final decision regarding fees to be paid to the members of the company's board and Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee will be facilitated contact with the shareholders, the board members and the CEO when working on the recommendation of candidates. In addition, shareholders are permitted to recommend candidates to the Committee.

The recommendation of the Nomination Committee is included in the supporting documentation for the general meeting, which is published within the 21-day deadline for notice of the general meeting.

Proposals to the Nomination Committee

All shareholders can propose candidates for election to the company’s board of directors.

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